Building the future in France

France’s oldest blue jeans creator now making masks
Covid-19: French industry has reasons to be proud
Living Up to Our Social Responsibility
No business can hope to succeed in a world that’s failing. From climate change to Covid-19, social responsibility is no longer just an option; it has become an obligation.
The vitality of territories
Traditional industrial locations remain strong as new areas of development rise. All the better for La French Fab who thrives on this territorial diversity.
Job creation: new opportunities
The recent shift in industrial employment and the reopening of industrial units bode well for the future of La French Fab.
A skilled and dynamic talent pool
Thanks to its young, educated and productive workforce, La French Fab is well positioned to win tomorrow’s decisive battle: the struggle for talent.
An industrial story that still goes on
La French Fab thrives on a solid industrial legacy, characterized by diverse sectorial know-hows and a strong tradition of innovation.