Creating solutions for the future

Championing the energy transition

Carbon-free industry is the greatest challenge of our time. La French Fab invests massively in solar, wind and innovative renewable technologies.

Ten billion humans to move

Towards a circular economy

Ictyos and Le Feuillet reinvent luxury

These two startups met in the Parisian incubator Au-Delà Du Cuir. Their common origin, values and vision of luxury led them to collaborate.

Cities are getting smarter

French cities are racking their brains to tackle current challenges. When everything needs a revamp, experimentation pays off

Ready to lead the change in fashion

Slow fashion is the new trend, coming directly from consumers. As the world leader of the fashion industry with a 25% global market share, La French Fab is embracing the challenge

Hemarina: biopharmacy of the future

Hemarina uses the properties of marine lugworms as an innovative therapeutic solution to address unmet medical needs, notably in the field of organ transplantation.

GTT: greening maritime transport

Thanks to strong dynamic innovation, GTT continuously offers new technological solutions to stakeholders all along the LNG chain.


Alternative solutions to conventional virgin plastics


Hydro turbines for rivers & oceans


Fish leather for fashion creators


Driverless electric shuttle


Leader in France for recycling