Creating solutions for the future

Championing the energy transition

Carbon-free industry is the greatest challenge of our time. La French Fab invests massively in solar, wind and innovative renewable technologies.

Ten billion humans to move
Towards a circular economy
Minimally invasive surgery
Carmat: world expert of artificial hearts
Carmat’s total artificial heart is able to mimic the natural physiology of the human organ. It is the world’s first credible response to end-stage heart failure.
A global pioneer in healthcare
The healthcare industry is a major contributor to French exports. France can rely on a great talent pool and a long tradition in medical innovation.
Taking sustainability seriously
From organic farming to high-tech alternatives to plastic, the French food industry is staying ahead across the board.
Symbio is boosting the autonomy of electric vehicles
By solving the major issue facing battery electric vehicles - their lack of autonomy – Symbio paves the way for a new era of electric transport.
DualSun: the hybrid solar panel made in France
Designed in sunny Provence, the DualSun solar panel is able to reduce the energy consumption of buildings by producing both solar heat and electricity at the same time.
Hesus, the master in construction waste recovery
The French SME’s expertise in the circular economy helps European construction companies improve their carbon footprint byoptimizing their use of excavation materials.