Ictyos and Le Feuillet reinvent luxury


Ictyos is the French specialist in fish leather, created from the skins of fish recovered from restaurants and then tanned. Some 50,000 tonnes of skins are discarded annually and could thus be « saved » in a circular economy. With the right tanning technique (which required significant development from Ictyos), the fish skins can be turned into high quality leather, a valuable replacement for classical leather in luxury products. Ictyos is able to supply skins to Le Feuillet, a high-end leather goods brand for men.

The two companies share a concern to leave the lowest possible environmental footprint, convinced that this is one of the keys to the luxury of tomorrow. Before working with Ictyos, the hides used by Le Feuillet already came from the food industry. Whether in their choice of production sites or of suppliers, both companies are keen to keep their ecosystem local. Finally, Ictyos and Le Feuillet use vegetable tanning, a renewable process that avoids the chromium found in mineral tanning. This treatment also boosts the resistance of products, which could thus last for generations. 

« Our leathers are like a blank page you can color in, » explains the CEO of Ictyos, Benjamin Malatrait. « We were looking for intelligent integration into a product that is a signature in its own right. We’ve even worked on integrating the two logos so that they become one. » We hope that this little leather revolution will give birth to many products!