Living Up to Our Social Responsibility


It’s still too early to say precisely what the post-Covid-19 world will look like. All energies and efforts are currently devoted to eradicating the pandemic that represents the most serious health crisis France has known in a century. It is going to take time for the social and economic wounds to heal. But there’s one thing we do know for sure, one thing that is now more obvious than ever: this “war” will accelerate change in our world, our way of life, and our production process. 

No business can hope to succeed in a world that’s failing. From climate change to Covid-19, social responsibility is no longer just an option; it has become an obligation. A moral obligation that is incumbent upon industry, considering its impact and influence on the environment and on people’s lives. 

French Fab aims to be the standard bearer for everyone whose innovation, expertise, and talent has put them on the front lines of what we call the “Solution Revolution.” What we mean by that is the ability to contribute efficiently towards cleaner energy, healthier food, better health, more breathable cities and a more sustainable world. Because governments can’t do everything, business in general, and industry in particular, has a huge role to play. French Fab’s ambition is to incarnate that inspiration for a new world. 

The solidarity, generosity, cooperation and shared responsibility that large French corporations, medium and smaller companies alike have shown over the last few days is proof that they will withstand the crisis we are currently confronting. It is also a sign that we can count on our industrial sector to build a model that is more compatible with the need to preserve our planet and protect future generations.