Entech accelerates on smart renewable energy storage

Entech, the French disruptive solution for production and stockage of smart energies.

September 2021. With Entech, the intermittent nature of renewable energy is no longer a problem. Located in Quimper (Finistère), this start-up was created in 2016 by Christopher Franquet and Laurent Meyer, two former employees of Vinci Energies. With one goal: to develop hardware and software technologies to ensure smart storage of photovoltaic electricity using batteries – for a few hours – or in the form of hydrogen – for longer.

To continue developing its hydrogen solutions and to go further internationally, particularly in West Africa, Entech announced its IPO on Tuesday 14 September, with the aim of raising €22 million.“We are in very buoyant markets. Going public will allow us to gain notoriety”, explains Christopher Franquet, CEO and founder of Entech. This is essential for gaining a place in the market, particularly faced with its competitor Nidec

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