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Business France’s publication of the “France Attractiveness Scoreboard 2020” on March 25, 2021 confirmed the robustness of France’s key strengths. With a range of economic indicators in comparison with 13 other countries, France’s advantages become obvious in areas such as infrastructure, telecommunications, employee productivity, and the low cost of electricity, as well as the potential of the French market, thanks to its location in Europe and the size of its domestic market. 

France is strongly committed to digital and the industry of the future, new mobilities, ecological transition, sustainable cities and new materials. All these themes have one thing in common: putting people at the center of industry.

The Covid-19 crisis hasn’t changed a thing on one score: In 2019, after a banner year, France won the coveted title of most attractive country in Europe for international investment. With 985 foreign-investment decisions in the country for 2020 (according to the EY consultancy’s annual barometer), it held onto the Number One slot last year, too. That attractiveness enabled the creation of 30,550 jobs, a better score than our neighbors.

Several reforms launched by the executive branch have been warmly received: lowering taxes on production, as well as lowering both the business tax – to 25 % in 2022 – and employers’ contributions to social-welfare programs.

On the occasion of the “Choose France” summit on June 21, 2021, the President of France announced 22 new foreign investment projects for a total of €3.5 billion.

All of the projects involve disruptive technologies or are in forward-looking business sectors.

They include:


The partnership between Envision , a Chinese firm, and France’s Renault to build two gigantic new electric-battery factories in Douai. Together, they represent a €2 billion investment and 2,500 jobs created by 203


The German firm Zalando‘s decision to build a 4.0 logistics center representing a €300 million investment that will create 2,000 jobs.

Tetra Pak

The €100 million invested by the Swedish firm Tetra Pak to modernize their plant in Châteaubriant.

As well as Vorwerk, Bosch, Collins Aerospace, Ford, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and many others.

You can tell that France really wants to make things easy for foreign investors

Charles Brand
President of Tetra Pak Europe & Central Asia Region

A vast majority of foreign industrial-investment projects are made in municipalities with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants. Foreign investors thereby contribute strongly to employment and regional cohesion in France. The diversity of regions, coupled with the quality of infrastructures and a skilled workforce, as well as the presence of innovation clusters, are all powerful drivers of attractiveness at local level

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