Launched in 2017 by the Minister of the Economy, Finance and the Recovery, Bruno Le Maire, La French Fab brings together the industrial ecosystem across France.

€30 billion in investment will propel Europe forward on next-generation processors and semiconductors.

Thierry Breton
European Union Commissioner for internal Market
Hydrogen battery
Crédit: Benoit Vallet / Safran
Hyperloop train could travel at 745 mph speed
Safran, strategic autonomy, security and defence industries
Crédit: Adrien Daste / Safran
Talents at the center of industry
Crédit: Cyril Abad / CAPA Pictures / Safran
Sustainable plastic
Crédit: Cyril Abad / CAPA Pictures / Safran
Airbus deployable reflector for radar satellites
Crédit: ©Airbus / Sandra Walther
Navya Arma, the autonomous and electric vehicle.
Crédit: Michaël Gounon / Navya
Digital & Industry of the Future
Ecological Transition
Mobility & Transport
New industrial savoir-faire
People at the center of industry
Raw Materials
Strategic Autonomy, Security & Defence Industries
Sustainable Cities

La French Fab is the fabulous French industry. Together, let’s inspire a new world!

Discover French best-in-class industrial sites

The technological solutions displayed are transposable to the same industrial sectors, or to other sectors as well.

Why coming to France ? To invest, to start doing business, to innovate.


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With a GDP of $ 2,716 billion at current prices in 2019, France is the 5th largest economy in the world and the 2nd largest in Europe.

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