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The ABCM Group was born of the association of French SMEs specialising in the industrial sector.
It boasts expertise in Prototyping, Cutting, Welding, Treatment, Painting, Assembly, Logistics and Machining thanks in particular to its parent entity founded in 1986.
Groupe ABCM now offers end-to-end solutions to its customers, including the production of complete sub-assemblies delivered to the production line at precisely the required time.
It has 120 employees, four production sites and generates €23 million in turnover. Its CEO is Landry Maillet.

Labelled Project

ABCM ran an innovation and industrial intelligence approach from 2015 to 2020.
To enable this transformation, it set aside €6 million in investments. It modernised its production in particular through robotisation, by bringing its employees into the Company’s vision.
Its people have become agents of change and are at the centre of the transformation. It has also improved its organisation and internal and external processes by involving its customers and suppliers in its new protocols.
This enables it to better anticipate activity levels and be more flexible.

This project has been labelled in 2018.


ABCM is deploying an industrial transformation project designed to better integrate customers/suppliers in its value chain and improve its production by relying on the contribution of operators.

We are currently in a period of far-reaching industrial modernisation, which puts our People at the centre of the transformation. By preparing for the future, we are actively shaping change, and technology is becoming a tool that enables us to achieve our new model, not the other way around.


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