Lenze Drive Systems France, the French subsidiary of Lenze SE, based in Ruitz near Béthune, specialises in the manufacture of geared motors and variable speed drives.
An entity of an international group of nearly 4,000 people, this European Lenze site was opened in 2004, with the strategic aim of positioning its customers in Western Europe within 24 hours of delivery of a logistics centre.
With a workforce of 150 people, the site continues to develop its electronic and mechanical production activities.

Labelled Project

Faced with competition from low-cost countries, Lenze wishes to maintain its production in France. The stated objective is to double production by 2020 while keeping the same surface area and energy expenditure.
To achieve this, Lenze reorganised its manufacturing with automation thanks to AGVs supplied by Balyo, overhauled the production lines in collaboration with the operational staff, and optimised its energy consumption thanks in particular to recycling.

This project has been labelled in 2018.


To cut back its costs, Lenze decided to carry out a logistical reorganisation of its production, with automation in close collaboration with its operational staff.

Making Lenze France a model of excellence to thrive sustainably. We are a factory of the future, a champion of excellence, serving our Group’s 2020+ Strategy and the future needs of our customers.

Francis KOPP

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