Delta Dore is an international company founded in Brittany in 1970. Now the French leader in solutions for connected homes and buildings, it equips 4 million private homes and 10,000 tertiary and industrial sites.
It generates 145 million in turnover and manufactures 4.5 million products in France alone.

Labelled Project

Delta Dore is faced with competition on costs. Consequently, to adapt to demand, it offers a variety of products that set out assembly and pairing problems, the software content of which is constantly growing.
Delta Dore has responded to these challenges by organising its production using new technologies and enhancing employee participation.
It has done so in particular by developing flexible, automated and connected lines with a coherent management cycle.

This project has been labelled in 2017.


Optimising working conditions and industrial, logistics and testing costs in a multi-product environment, thanks to automation and digital continuity.

Quality, productivity and flexibility stem less from a technology than from the will of individuals. The contribution of our teams is driven by a consistent social policy and management system for the entire site.

Philippe NOSLIER
Industrial Director

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