CLAAS Tractor is a subsidiary of the German family group CLAAS, whose factory is located in Le Mans. It offers around one hundred tractor models ranging from 80 to 460 hp and produces an average of 10,000 tractors per year. Since becoming part of the Group in 2003, the company has undergone a full-fledged social and technological transformation.
It is preparing to write a new page in its history, to increase its flexibility and face growing complexity, with its modernisation project called “CLAAS Forth” (€30 million). Through this effort, it will anchor its premium image permanently on the markets.

Labelled Project

Through involving and empowering project management, CLAAS Tractor is transforming its production facilities, building from the operator’s need to manage increasing complexity and adapt to fluctuating demand.
Ultimately, it will boast a more flexible production line; and a logistics concept and digital tools dedicated to serving the operator. Concurrently, the factory is also evolving in its appearance and the modernity of its resources to develop the employer brand, customer trust, and the attractiveness of future talents, as well as to contribute to the industry’s reach across the region.

This project has been labelled in 2019.


A project that places the production operator at the heart of the transformation sought by the company, the major challenge of which is complexity management, in a context of efforts to build a premium positioning for the brand.

An adventure of people, dedicated to serving the operator. A project developed by our employees, which will enhance their skills and experience. A pragmatic industrial approach, built around iterative POCs to meet the needs of our agricultural market. A profound change in the role of the operator as the foundation for premium quality positioning.

Industrial Director

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