Created in 1975, Bretagne Ateliers employs 600 people, 440 of whom are disabled. Based in Rennes (35) and Trégueux (22), this adapted company has been working for 44 years to serve its mission: offering employment in companies to disabled employees.
As an integrator and assembler, it has developed extensive know-how in cabling, industrial assembly, and mechanics as well as in document dematerialisation and digital printing.

Labelled Project

To secure its mission, Bretagne Ateliers must be a vehicle of industrial excellence, in the quality, cost, France [sic] and time needed to satisfy its customers’ requirements.
Its operators are on the front line to take up these challenges. They draw on continuous improvement methods, adapted to their environment.
These form a toolkit serving the CRISTAL* collaborative management model, in which the company’s performance is the result of everyone’s contribution. Through its Showcase, Bretagne Ateliers shares its experience to bring the business world forward.

This project has been labelled in 2018.


Collaborative management in industry is not new, but is now widely hailed. Cited as one of the pioneering companies in this management mode, Bretagne Ateliers has been applying it for over 20 years and has all the necessary perspective and legitimacy to talk about it. With CRISTAL*, Bretagne Ateliers is always one step ahead.

Listening, sharing, the right to make mistakes, recognition, intentional and appreciative support are the key success factors for collaborative management at Bretagne Ateliers. They make the company agile.


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