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Groupe Schaeffler is a global supplier to the automotive and industrial sectors.
Schaeffler France, with its headquarters in Haguenau, employs 2,372 people in France across 4 sites with total sales of €683m (figures at end-2019).
The Haguenau site specialises in the manufacture of high-precision mechanical systems.

Labelled Project

The Haguenau site has embarked on a highly-ambitious energy efficiency approach.
To create and deploy an intelligent system for managing its industrial flows (heat, cold, lighting and process fluids), Schaeffler initiated a large-scale project, involving its employees, as well as institutional, industrial and academic players.
The project includes the adaptation of equipment, and the interconnection between physical and data flows, in a strong eco-responsible and collaborative development approach. The annual operating gains amount to €2 million.

This project has been labelled in 2018.


Machine replacements are an opportunity to renew all the related systems. The interconnection of all physical flows and data for optimal controllable and adaptive efficiency.

The management of energies and utilities in a company is similar to that which enables the human body to operate its vital functions. Everything is connected and interdependent.

Maurice GLUCK
Maintenance Methods Manager

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