A family-owned company, world leader in the protection of embedded electrical networks for the automotive industry, Delfingen must take up a threefold challenge

  • People: attracting them, enabling them to grow and mobilising them
  • Technologies: bringing the best out of them to improve productivity and the customer offer
  • Responding to automotive disruption: safer, autonomous, connected and environmentally-friendly

Labelled Project

The Company’s transformation project is based on a pragmatic approach that falls in line with the Group’s operational excellence processes, through 3 pillars:

h the Group’s operational excellence processes, through 3 pillars:

  • Employees’ freedom of initiative as a driver of innovation within the Company
  • Close collaboration with the ecosystem to gain agility, frugality and creativity
  • An open, integrative and scalable information system promoting IT-OT convergence

This project has been labelled in 2019.


Drawing on the drivers of the corporate culture to take on organisational, technological and business challenges and thus build “bridges to the future”.

Our challenge is to continue to adapt in a complex and uncertain environment, not to survive, but to consolidate our global leadership. Nothing will be possible without the women and men of Delfingen at the heart of this ambition.

Christophe CLERC

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