Borne by its growth, SEW USOCOME decided at the end of 2012 to increase its manufacturing capacity by opening a third site in France, in Brumath (67), to supplement those in Haguenau (67) and Forbach (57). The new entity, commissioned in 2015, enabled SEW USOCOME to extend its presence on the national market and respond to its growing global sales. Its aim is to improve the competitiveness of the French subsidiary of SEW Group through a new production and logistics concept by stepping up industrial performance through technology, ergonomics and quality of working conditions.

Labelled Project

Thanks to the perfect interconnection of the control flows with the physical flows, the processes of the entire factory are synchronised. Received in an automatic warehouse, with a capacity of 20,000 bins, the components produced in our factories are prepared and sequenced based on the day’s orders. The parts sampling concept (40,000/day), known as “goods to men”, illustrates the intelligence of the automated systems put to work for individuals. The routing of the sampled components to the assembly islands is done via induction-powered automated trolleys (AGVs), designed and marketed by SEW USOCOME. The assembly lines were designed to offer maximum flexibility in the processes, all the while guaranteeing optimal working conditions. All the information needed by the operators is digitised and displayed on touch terminals.

This project has been labelled in 2016.


In a global competitive arena, faced with disparities in labour costs, competitiveness must be rebalanced through innovation in processes and technologies. By capitalising on its expertise in automation and collaborative work, SEW USOCOME has designed a factory that rethinks human-machine collaboration, and the digital interface between the factory and its suppliers, and between the factory and its customers.

Through our Perfambiance business project, it is the commitment of our employees that gives us our creative power and organisational strength, in a process of continuous improvement.

Jean-Claude Reverdell
Managing Director

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