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The elm.leblanc plant has been established in Drancy in Seine-Saint-Denis since its founding in 1932.
It manufactures gas heating and hot water production devices with very high energy efficiency, and contributes to the comfort of its user customers.
The site has constantly reinvented itself to improve its competitiveness, defend its jobs and develop new skills centres.
The Drancy plant was built through the development of digital technologies, IoT and data, made available for continuous improvement and innovation. The site is a benchmark within the Bosch plants.

Labelled Project

elm.leblanc has 85 years of existence and also 85 years of innovation behind it — this is part of our DNA. We are thus developing expertise in fields as varied as advanced materials, acoustics, optical combustion control, connected systems of course, data intelligence and, lastly, augmented reality.
Towards this end, we have launched more than fifteen study subjects driven by young PhD students, many partners, specialised schools, experts and laboratories.
Today, it is with this entire ecosystem of partners that we are working for tomorrow.

This project has been labelled in 2019.


None of this would be possible without the commitment of the employees dedicated themselves to this approach day in and day out. They are and will remain major players in this transformation of the factory of the future.

With the 4th industrial revolution underway, new technologies are enabling our operators and factories to unleash their potential. By drawing on the innovation capacities of our R&D and our ecosystem of partners, our ambition is not only to keep our industrial activities in France, but to expand them!

Philippe LAFORGE

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