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Baud Industries is a family-owned group founded in 1978 with 500 employees and €100 million in turnover.
The plant in Vougy, Haute Savoie, specialises in bar turning and high-precision machining.
Baud Industries addresses multiple sectors, including automotive, connectivity, home automation, watch-making and devices.

Labelled Project

High-precision machining must be able to meet a major challenge: offering increasingly complex and precise parts while keeping prices as low as possible.
To do so, Baud Industries equipped itself with an intelligent machining unit that self-corrects in real time.
The unit also embeds a digital twin, which enables virtual pre-production without immobilising the machine.

This project has been labelled in 2017.


Digital twin and smart aggregation on production measurements to minimise process variations, increase machining precision and boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

This project has made it possible to capitalise on a great deal of knowledge that will be duplicated on other machines, both technologically and in its philosophy.

Renald BAUD
Director of Innovation and R&D

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