Founded in 1973, PELLENC is a French group of international dimension. Designer and manufacturer of equipment for vine-growing, wine-growing, tree-growing and the maintenance of green and urban spaces, PELLENC innovates to facilitate the work of Man while respecting nature.
The company is experiencing strong growth rooted in an innovative, high-performance and diversified product range. Each year, €13 million are invested in R&D.

Labelled Project

In order to support the Group’s growth (sales x 2 in 5 years), PELLENC has instituted a plan to revitalise its industrial facilities.
Seeing the issues at stake — the ability to increase its production capacity and improve its industrial flexibility — it deployed a large number of continuing improvement projects along 4 lines:

  • Applying the principles of Lean Manufacturing
  • Developing Kitting in the workshops
  • Implementing digital production tools
  • Adopting Design for Manufacturing

This project has been labelled in 2018.


The Pertuis production site has, as a result, become a reference point for all PELLENC Group production subsidiaries,
with the redevelopment of workstations, relocation of lines, reorganisation of flows, etc. The industrial standardisation process has begun and is already reaching the objectives set with, at least, 20% productivity gains recorded on certain sites.

All the workshops at the PELLENC site in Pertuis (84) have been transformed. New organisational principles have been initiated, enabling continuous monitoring of the performance improvement approach. We are proud of the results generated, and still have many ideas for improvement. For this project to be a success, it was essential that all the players understand the benefits of this reorganisation. For this purpose, more than 50 employees took part in a special training plan. Because, in any transformation process, the support of the teams is essential to success.

Industrial Director

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