Big Data


Soitec is a medium-sized company based in Grenoble, and the world leader in innovative materials for the semiconductor industry.
The industrialisation of one of its new flagship products, FDSOI, required the implementation of numerous Data and Digital solutions.

Labelled Project

The FDSOI chemical thinning process is the result of a patented co-development with a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer.
The labelled project encompasses all the innovative means dedicated to data processing and storage, statistical analyses, feedback loop, control and monitoring systems implemented and which have made it possible to industrialise manufacturing on this complex product.

This project has been labelled in 2019.


The best product developed in R&D has no industrial future unless we design and implement the appropriate Data and Digital solutions, to guarantee performance, quality, manufacturing costs, integration into the production environment, etc.

Soitec has a strong culture of innovation. For my team, this project was an opportunity to implement a wide range of Data and Digital solutions, consistently and with results on par with the issues at stake for the company.

Christophe CURNY
IT Digital CIM Mgr

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