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L’Oréal Saint-Quentin has celebrated its 50th anniversary, making it the Group’s oldest factory in France.
As allies to brands, we consistently develop and seek the most agile, innovative, efficient and responsible solutions to respond to the specific requirements and diversity of consumers who now want everything, everywhere, at any time.

Labelled Project

In just a few months, we have introduced the 3D printer across the teams, thus cutting back on the time needed to go from the idea to the concrete.
We use augmented reality and virtual reality to conduct design reviews, in which operators and technicians project themselves into their future environment.
This facilitates both change management and project ownership. Thanks to the IoT, we want to gradually move from curative and preventive maintenance to conditional and predictive maintenance.

This project has been labelled in 2019.


Our approach is centred on people, how to support them in this changing environment, how to lower the operator’s mental load, how to perpetuate know-how, etc.
Our conviction: technological innovation contributes to L’Oréal’s overall performance by providing greater agility and flexibility for the consumer, while fostering ergonomics and simplifying and facilitating our employees’ everyday.

Digital is transforming the daily lives of the technical teams. It enables us to better connect and align knowledge, tools and organisation to strengthen the fundamentals of the business.

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