The FPT Industrial site in Bourbon-Lancy, a member of Groupe CNH Industrial, manufactures and assembles the full range of Cursor industrial engines for on-road (trucks, buses, etc.) and off-road (agriculture, construction, etc.) applications.
Its 1,300 employees meet extremely stringent quality and customisation requirements which, in an international competitive context, have prompted the plant to adopt a digital transformation approach.

Labelled Project

Initiated in 2014, the site’s Industry of the Future project proceeds from its desire to reposition people at the heart of digitisation activities, in a coherent and rational approach around key issues: technologies, methodologies, management and human resources.
Building from the principle that the existing structures should serve as the foundation and the Lean methodology underlying the organisation as the catalyst, the technologies, current and to come, are analysed and prioritised to take up the organisation’s competitiveness challenges.

This project has been labelled in 2019.


Technological building blocks that are assembled in accordance with the needs of the organisation and the managers, to create a customised project challenged by a strong industrial and academic partnership.

The technologies of the future must serve the organisation and the men and women that form it – not the other way round. It is our People who will ensure the success of our company’s digital transition.

Technical Services Manager

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