Gravotech is a medium-sized company with 920 employees and its head office in Lyon. It has three manufacturing sites and generates 85% of its revenue from export.
It is the world leader in laser and mechanical cutting, engraving, scratching and permanent marking solutions for the personalisation, signage and traceability markets.

Labelled Project

By digitising the product life cycle through a platform that connects its customers, commercial network and corporate services, Gravotech has succeeded in making many of the Group’s teams much more autonomous and responsive, thus enabling them to refocus on tasks with added value.
The platform has consequently contributed to improving the Group’s commercial performance and improve the level of customer service.

This project has been labelled in 2017.


A comprehensive project to modernise and fully digitise the product life cycle, entailing a dramatic organisational transformation in the Group.

Our Support Centre platform is at the centre of our Industry of the Future label. This platform has also become a full-fledged “digital showcase” for our know-how, enabling quick access to the right information, at the right time, simply and quickly, just as we intended at the start of the project.

Executive Director of Marketing, R&D and Services

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