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With promises of exponential growth in the world of IoT, our customers are in search of fast, flexible, reliable, innovative and competitive electronic partners to bring out their projects under the best conditions. In response, LACROIX Electronics is building the electronics industry of the future with its entire ecosystem — a prerequisite for supporting the transformation of our customers within the Smart World.

Labelled Project

LACROIX Electronics has earned this label, rewarding the implementation of an innovative offer with high service content, addressing the key issues at stake, namely speeding up innovation cycles, competitiveness and developing company employability. The project is an ambitious and promising example of modernisation: a symbol of renewal for French industry, which makes LACROIX Electronics a major player for the Industry of the Future.

This project has been labelled in 2016.


Four years after our factory was awarded the “Industry of the Future” label, we are making our Smart Industry vision reality, with the Symbiose project, also intended as a symbol of industrial renewal in France, felt across Europe. We are thus able to increase our competitiveness on the legacy industrial electronic systems markets and meet the challenges of new promising markets such as mobility and industrial IoT.

If we choose only projects that are profitable in the short term, we cut ourselves off from the possibility of experimenting with new technologies.

Dominique Maisonneuve
Smart Industry Project Manager

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