Poclain Hydraulics is a division of Poclain Group. It is recognised worldwide for its hydrostatic transmissions based on high performance cam-lobe radial-piston motors.
In 2019, Groupe Poclain employed 2,500 men and women, operated 9 plants worldwide and posted turnover of €380 million.

Labelled Project

Poclain Hydraulics carried out a self-assessment of its management and production tools using the technological building blocks provided by Alliance Industrie du Futur, in particular digitisation.
Building from this, it was able to develop a roadmap for improvement that gradually enabled it to improve the quality of its production through better engine controls, and gain flexibility in innovation by decentralising it and integrating it at Group level after the first project.

This project has been labelled in 2017.


Faced with cost and quality issues, Poclain Hydraulics innovated in its production methods through detailed analysis of the technological building blocks and a precise roadmap of the changes to be integrated.

The successes scored these past few years confirm Poclain’s determination to continue its efforts in the Industry of the Future. The deployments made need to continue and be ramped up, in line with the strategic focus set out. This ambitious and unifying project, in line with the company’s innovation values, is the only way towards attaining our industrial performance objectives.

Group Digitisation Manager

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