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Michelin holds a leading position in all the markets connected with tyres, travel and mobility.
In 2018, the company had 125,000 employees. It produces 190 million tyres and generates €22 billion in turnover. It operates in 170 countries and represents 14% of the global tyre market in value.

Labelled Project

In a context of increased global competition and changing customer expectations regarding tyre quality, Michelin decided to develop a Lean manufacturing system supported by a large degree of autonomy for factory operators, and a digital roadmap with a single computer framework in which factories implement their use cases.

This project has been labelled in 2018.


In order to face up to increased competition, Michelin decided to improve the performance of its factory by adopting Lean manufacturing and using digital technology to empower the people on the shop floor.

We are convinced of the importance of building from business problems, not technology. We are also convinced that this is a profound transformation. It can succeed only if digital technology serves people in factories, and they are stakeholders in projects.

Jean-Philippe OLLIER
VP Manufacturing Engineering

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