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VELUM International is an SME based in Bischoffsheim, Alsace. It specialises in the manufacture of customised lighting solutions.
It addresses a variety of customers, including retailers, industries, local authorities and hotels.
VELUM also diversifies by offering a consulting activity that aims to diagnose its customers’ lighting to identify weak points and offer suitable solutions.

Labelled Project

Several points in VELUM’s approach caught the jury’s attention during the labelling process, including:

  • the great flexibility of production that enables the company to offer 145,000 references
  • the full digitization of production enabling customised offer to their client
  • the place of the people, at the heart of the factory
  • the start of a transformation in the supply chain based on sharing its thermo-coating equipment with manufacturers in the region

This project has been labelled in 2017.


Competitiveness by giving power to digital technology, to serve customer value, as well as fluidity and flexibility in production.

We talked with employees on a daily basis to harvest good ideas from the right places. The understanding that our wealth comes from our employees, is already a big step forward.


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