148 industrial territories, spearheading the reindustrialisation of territories

The Senart industrial site, in Ile-de-France region, offers the development of 4.0 factory in Cesson. @Les Échos

The fund will accelerate the industrial investment in the French regions. €2.3 billion will be invested by companies with 10,000 direct jobs created and 50,000 jobs maintained.

February 2021. Initiated in 2018, the Territoires d’Industrie programme, run in partnership with the regions and intermunicipalities, is aimed at industrial reconquest and development for territories with significant industrial potential.

Objective : to speed up the implementation of priority policies to meet the needs of companies, whether in terms of infrastructure, recruitment, innovation, training, living environment, administrative simplification or attractiveness strategy. As at end-2020, the initiative had given rise to 1,600 projects across 148 territories and 500 intermunicipalities.

448 projects supported by the industry fund in 2020

The fund for the acceleration of industrial investment in the regions, created under the Recovery Plan, has enjoyed strong momentum. It has supporting more than 400 projects in 2020 for €240 millions in aide (out of a total budget of €400 million), all over mainland France and in the overseas territories, with a very significant leverage effect, i.e., a multiplier of ten, in total, according to the estimate of the Ministry of the Economy.

€2.3 billion will be invested by these companies, with 10,000 direct jobs created and 50,000 jobs maintained. Given its success, it has been increased bu a further €150 million, thanks to the €1 billion recharge to the recovery plan on industry secured bu the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and the Recovery.

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