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Hit by the financial crisis in 2008, the automotive sector in France continues to be shaken by production consolidating in low-cost countries.
Bosch Mondeville, an electronic manufacturing plant founded in 1961, is no exception to the rule and has had to reinvent itself, using available capacity to maintain its turnover and competitiveness.

Labelled Project

Bosch Mondeville has adapted its production facilities thanks to an I4.0 roadmap. Today, the workshop is able to provide both large and small series to enter new markets driven by the Internet of Things: energy and networks, mobility, consumer goods, industry and health.
Digital transformation is the key success factor in this commercial transformation, with a disruptive business model: Manufacturing As A Service.
The company provide support to large groups, SMEs and innovative companies in their transition to scale. These clients entrust their electronics projects to Bosch Mondeville, which delivers an EMS partnership on development, industrialisation and production, at benchmark quality levels.

This project has been labelled in 2019.


The digital transformation of Bosch Mondeville positions the site as a major player in electronic subcontracting in France.

From the very outset, we were more or less certain that the fourth industrial revolution we are experiencing would lead us to an interconnected manufacturing world. To quickly implement new digital solutions, we first redesigned the Organisation to be much more agile and capable of seizing the business opportunities we were looking for. We do not have an objective or a set end-state for our digital transformation: we need to continuously innovate and discover new things.

Site Director, Bosch Mondeville

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