DUALSUN is developing a Made in France multi-energy solar panel: the world’s first certified hybrid solar panel that provides both electricity and hot water. Internationally patented, its unprecedented yield makes it possible to produce 3 times more energy than a standard photovoltaic panel.

Labelled Project

To meet the challenge of improving its competitiveness and mass deployment of innovation, DUALSUN has set up an industrial project for the customer experience. DUALSUN creates value in France through an open-source innovation process and establishes digital continuity between the customer pathway and automated and connected production lines.

This project has been labelled in 2020.


DUALSUN is strengthening its competitiveness in the extremely competitive solar market by connecting its customers and its factory, automating its production line and making the link between local industrial know-how and the French research and financing ecosystem.

This project is an opportunity to revisit in depth what can make an industrial company competitive in France today: breaking down the barriers to innovation, building strong bonds with the customer, digitising and automating operations, and empowering operators.

Antoine Walckenaer
Industrialisation Project Manager

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