Tech in Fab: The Win-Win French Tech – French Fab Connection


French Tech’s innovative startups have a lot to bring to French Fab’s industrial businesses, and vice versa. That’s why those two worlds are moving closer together for greater efficiency and robustness. The good news is that France has nearly as many “industrial” startups as our neighbor across the Channel.

That’s what a study carried out in October 2020 by La Fabrique de l’Industrie shows. “Among the 12,938 start-ups in the seed and start-up phase inventoried by French Tech in June 2020, over 10% (or 1,416 companies, to be precise) have a manufacturing-type business model. That includes hardware, additive manufacturing, industrial production processes, robots and drones. There’s a similar number of firms in later stages of growth, with 314 out of 3,147.

The world of industry is particularly interested in deep tech, i.e. the startups producing new goods and processes based on disruptive technologies, like smart objects, big data, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and blockchain, which can be used as a tool to improve traceability in industrial and supply-chain processes. From the startups point of view, connecting with a major industrial group can accelerate both development and the innovation process.

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