EOZ was founded in 2011 following the acquisition of SECME (1932), one of the oldest electromechanical companies in France. It creates, develops and markets human-machine interfaces recognised throughout the world (50% for export): from switches to mechatronic components, from units to large series, from the standard to the customised, always high in quality.
EOZ is recognised by its customers as a company that is resolutely expert in its field, with a remarkable ability to adapt.

Labelled Project

EOZ is subject to global competition on costs. It adapts to demand even for small series, through the agility and excellence of its teams in its business.
Its “organic” and liberating organisational principles enable quick ownership and proficiency in new technologies, in turn enabling standardisation and diversification in its markets.
Its expertise in its traditional businesses around the human-machine interface, its resources and its entrepreneurial allies guarantee a flawless experience from design to delivery.

This project has been labelled in 2020.


Excellence in traditional and demanding trades, local collaborative relationships to gain new technologies, an attentive ear to the customer and the ability to transform accordingly;
This is the liberating operational scheme thanks to which the company explores the customer experience with the agility of an “organic” team, and offer these same customers new values that naturally lead to diversification.

We are proud to be part of an ‘organic’ company; what we experience with confidence inside is seen outside, makes it possible to unite our partners and brings to life this entire community of interest in mutual respect and mastery of our business.

Loïc Gauthier & Audrey Marques
Property Managers

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