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Specialised in solutions for the packaging end of line, MG Tech (formerly SavRéso) offers an innovative service: Need & Use.
The concept consists of invoicing in accordance with the customer’s actual machine use time.
The machine use time is estimated based on the customer’s need. As to the machines, they are connected up and thus communicate: active agents in their own maintenance, they guide operators in their daily and specific actions.

Labelled Project

In Use is a start-up that connects equipment so as analyse its uses.
These uses make it possible to communicate about the best practices for using this equipment, in order to optimise its performance.
Thanks to the collaboration between InUse and MG Tech, the customer can be offered a complete solution: the machine, connected to the Need & Use platform, to optimise its performance thanks to the collection of information on the machine’s use.

This project has been labelled in 2016.


Circular economy: increases the life cycle of machines and limits mass production by reconditioning and upgrading equipment between each contract.
Predictive maintenance: defines the patterns of key equipment components, to analyse any deviations and have them serviced before a breakdown occurs, with the aim of increasing the equipment’s availability time.

We need to bring about shifts in our customers’ uses and participate in their transformations, by bringing intelligence to machines in order to optimise their operation.


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