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JPB Système is a Seine-et-Marne PMI providing self-braking systems to all the world’s largest aviation engine manufacturers. Over the past 10 years, it has experienced exponential growth, supported by internationally-recognised production capacity, responsiveness and quality.

Labelled Project

Since 2009, JPB Système has banked on setting up multiple latest-generation production lines in France. This decision came alongside the internal development of multiple tools enabling interconnection between the machines, those managing production at all levels, those monitoring in real time and, through this, enhanced the work performed by all employees, from the operator to the manager. In addition, the corporate culture promotes interaction, initiative-taking and innovation, resulting in the development of new connected products and the creation of a digital subsidiary: Keyprod.

This project has been labelled in 2020.


By showcasing the disruptive technologies and giving way to ideas, young people and digital, JPB Système can effectively take up the new challenges of the industry of tomorrow.

The core of our project is common sense. Our vision of the factory of the future is to provide new and pragmatic responses to the problems raised.​

Damien Marc

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