Founded in 1543, Fonderies de Sougland celebrated its 475th birthday in 2018. This PMI is one of the oldest industrial companies in France, Europe and the world.
More than 1,500 of its cast iron or steel parts are referenced in a very large number of sectors (shipbuilding, steel industry, incineration, railways, etc.).
It is outfitted with an R&D department and combines three skills: casting, machining and mechanic welding, for global and integrated production.

Labelled Project

Fonderies de Sougland has capitalised on its unique know-how and very strong customer culture to secure its transformation towards a new business model and the new economy of a traditional company.
With its redesigned value chain, it offers a comprehensive range of providers of à la carte solutions geared towards customers and partners.
Through digitisation, its expertise and its integrated resources, combined with its experience as a foundry, it guarantees flawless performance from design to construction.

This project has been labelled in 2017.


Sale of à la carte value (offers within offers), to maximise customer-business value. Innovation and knowledge capitalisation to deepen expertise in alloys and processes, and explore the full realm of possibility to create new value for customers.

The development of our very old industrial company into the factory of the future is proof that with a strongly-driven project carried out in integrated fashion and in an adaptive system, any industrial company can transform itself and fully incorporate the new technologies of the 21st century.

Managing Director

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