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OCP is the leading French player in pharmaceutical distribution. Created in 1924, OCP’s French know-how is appreciated by 14,000 community pharmacies and 2,000 hospital pharmacies throughout France (44 establishments).
OCP benefits from the expertise of McKesson Corporation, its shareholder. A major player in the distribution of health products and services, OCP employs nearly 3,200 people and is attached to supporting pharmacists in the development of their business.

Labelled Project

OCP has committed to improving the supply of French pharmacies to facilitate access to care for the French people. Through the creation of a centralised and synchronised stock platform, it is OCP’s ambition to completely eliminate drug shortages caused by distribution issues.
This initiative encompasses the entirety of the value chain: from laboratories to pharmacies. The challenge is to reduce costs, deliver a better end-service to laboratories and pharmacies, and improve the health product supply chain.

This project has been labelled in 2017.


Changing the pharmaceutical distribution model by integrating the entire value chain, from laboratories to pharmacies, in a digital platform in order to improve the service provided to patients.

OCP has drawn inspiration from best supply chain practices to invent a new pharmaceutical distribution model. This was a bold move for the business sector in which we operate. This requires a strong shift in the company, so that within the coming years, we can succeed in the challenge we have set out for ourselves: to completely eliminate the risk of disruptions due to distribution! Our responsibility towards patients, via their pharmacists, is to guarantee excellence in service so that they can access care at any time, anywhere in France.


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