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Based in Dieppe since 1986, TOSHIBA has developed in the assembly of multi-function photocopiers, using qualified and diversified subcontracting.
The period from 1990 to 1997 saw the successive implementation of toner ink production and the logistical distribution of our products, followed, from 2001 onwards, by the gradual conversion of the assembly operations into on-demand configuration and repair activities.

Labelled Project

On a declining market, the Toshiba Dieppe site has maintained employment by developing service activities.
It is stepping into the new economy by developing tools based on its business uses: artificial intelligence for analysing documents, digital data collection and sharing tables, etc., all of which it intends to market.
It sustains a regional ecosystem through a cluster of local companies that pool their resources.
Lastly, operators are supported in their digital immersion and trained to present the improvements they make to their position in a sustainable Lean approach.

This project has been labelled in 2019.

Emblematic Lesson

New opportunities through the development of services around products and networking with local startups (MaaS).

The provision, sharing and analysis of data must enable everyone to make a constructive contribution to the sustainable performance of the whole.


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