Dupliprint is specialised in new printing and communication technologies.
Dupliprint operates on two main markets:

  • publishing
  • marketing

For 15 years, Dupliprint has been developing value-added solutions around printing, in order to enable customers to simplify their order process.

Labelled Project

The graphic arts and communication sector is a highly competitive one, and significantly affected by digitisation.
The fall in paper consumption is approximately 8 to 10% each year.
In order to counter this erosion and continue to progress on a declining market, the central challenge lies in adapting production facilities to new customer needs, namely the industrialisation of small series and customisation.

This project has been labelled in 2019.


Proliferating orders, but a significant drop in quantities per order, all without any human intervention to administer them.

A simple or even “simplistic” idea which, in a few months’ time has become an economic reality. A truly positive digital transformation that simplifies work in the everyday for all employees and creates value for the end-customer.

Norbert LEGAIT

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