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Set within the Bouygues Construction branch, the subsidiary Bouygues Construction Matériel (BCM) provides the equipment used on construction sites. The Chilly Mazarin site, located in Essonne, employs more than 200 people, responsible in particular for maintaining the 300 cranes around the site.
Viibe is a start-up that provides professionals with a remote maintenance service, controllable via a web application. This service enables multifunctional contact between the field operator and the experts.

Labelled Project

As tower cranes are a critical asset on construction sites, their availability is of key strategic importance for Bouygues Constructions Matériel.
BCM successfully took up this challenge by integrating Viibe’s innovative solution, which can restore control to the operator simply and quickly.
The process by which this solution was integrated into a large group shows the exemplary nature of this collaboration.

This project has been labelled in 2017.


Collaboration between a large corporation and a start-up, for extremely simple remote maintenance of critical machines.

The benefits for the teams are clear: a sense of proximity and operator satisfaction.

BIM and Innovation Division Manager

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