Founded in 2016, XYT is a new economy start-up located in Brétigny-sur-Orge.
The new digital start-up manufactures modular electric vehicles that solve the last-mile problem (urban logistics, individual mobility and soon passenger transport).
The uniqueness of these vehicles comes from their being modular, customisable and scalable. XYT already has a fleet of 80 vehicles, currently on the roads and a sizeable order book up to 2021.

Labelled Project

XYT has successfully come up with an innovative business model concept, known as a “vehicle-as-a-platform”, focused on the customer’s important place in the vehicle co-creation process, as well as on a disruptive industrial strategy, banking on certified decentralised assembly in local workshops.
The vehicle becomes a value creation space, with modular fittings that can be easily and infinitely customised over the vehicle’s lifetime.

This project has been labelled in 2016.


The factory in garages thanks to disruptive modularity.

We see the car as a platform on which our partners can integrate different leisure, work or learning modules

Managing Director

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