Additive manufacturing


Dagoma is a VSE based in Roubaix. It produces and markets all-purpose 3D printers, as well as accessories (e.g.: filament) and software solutions. It also manages a database of 3D printable items on its site.

Labelled Project

To make 3D printers affordable for the general public, Dagoma came up

with the idea of making their 3D printers printable themselves. By making the schema for its printers available on an open-innovation basis, Dagoma also enables its users to contribute to their innovation and improvement.
Through these two breakthrough innovations, Dagoma is able to offer products at a competitive price, while simplifying its use through cloud-based applications for ease of use.

This project has been labelled in 2017.


3D printers that self-produce and are distributed under open innovation.

Within the company, our shared values are very strong: Creativity, Audacity, Sharing, Passion and Respect. Everyone is encouraged to undertake, learn, make decisions and test any idea in line with the direction and vision of Dagoma.

Project Manager

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