France to dedicate €1.8 billion to quantum technologies


January 2021. To carry out their work in this future-facing sector, research centres, start-ups and industrial groups will be able to draw on a budget of €1.8 billion over five years.

Of the €1.8 billion budget, €430 million will go to the development of the quantum computer. ©Erick Lucero /

The French plan is intended to carry out research aimed at making the celebrated quantum computers usable, but also to develop quantum sensors that offer unequalled precision and unbreakable quantum communications. 

With its renowned physicists (the CEA, Alain Aspect and Serge Haroche), its industrial players (Atos and Thales for the design of quantum technologies; EDF, Total and Orano for their use) and its start-ups, France already has all the cards in hand to build a world-class ecosystem. In a context of heavy international competition, the bulk of the money in this quantum plan will thus be channelled towards research work. 

« In every industrial field, the quantum revolution will make it possible to do things 100 or even 1,000 times better. »

Patrice Caine
CEO, Thales

In particular, the training of more than 150 young researchers will be financed each year. Considered the most promising field today, quantum computing will take the lion’s share of the executive’s plan. Of the €1.8 billion budget, €350 million will go to the development of quantum simulators and €430 million to that of the quantum computer. The remainder will fund work on sensors, communications and cybersecurity in the age of this technology.

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