France’s President wants startups to form the basis for 100 new industrial sites

France’s start-ups are on the rise and the industry will identify around 100 new businesses over the coming months.

As French Tech celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed the desire that 100 industrial sites created from French Tech startups should see the light of day before 2025. Up to now, 18 startups have been able to open their first factories in France as a result of the helping hand provided by French Tech.

The French President unveiled some ambitious new objectives along with the announcement of Next40/FT120, a prize list that provides the winners with one year of support from French Tech  to help them industrialize. Before summer, French Tech will identify 100 new French businesses to support.

In connection with the France 2030 stimulus plan, 2,000 projects have already received €12 billion in support out of the plan’s total of €54 billion, but Emmanuel Macron has invited the French ecosystem to “speed things up” in terms of supporting the move to industry. Indeed, for the time being “only” 18 startups have received any industrialization support. These include Electra (electric vehicle charging), Exotec (logistics expert), and Iten (microbatteries). In total, these 18 projects represent €467 million in industrial investment, including €88 million in state aid, and 2,000 jobs created in France.

French Tech will identify around 100 new businesses over the coming months to help prepare them for industrialization.

A target of 500 deeptechs a year

This year, new startup Verkor – a leader in the electric battery sector -has joined the roster of industrialized startups, a list which includes a selection of startups offering breakthrough innovations and/or connected with the transition to cleaner energy.

The French President has announced a target for the creation of 500 deeptechs (startups arising from research) every year by 2030. The French government has released €500 million to help researchers create these startups.

Moreover, by 2025, the French startup ecosystem is expected to have 100 unicorns, – startups valued at over $1 billion – all of which are potential candidates for industrialization!

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